Commit a3062085 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček
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Comment update.

parent 974363c1
......@@ -69,11 +69,14 @@ ospf_open_socket(struct ospf_iface *ifa, int mc)
ipsk->dport = OSPF_PROTO;
#ifdef OSPFv2
/* FIXME - why there is IPA_NONE on multicast sockets ? */
if (mc)
ipsk->saddr = IPA_NONE;
ipsk->saddr = ifa->iface->addr->ip;
* In Linux IPv4, binding a raw socket to an IP address of an iface causes
* that the socket does not receive multicast packets, as they have
* different (multicast) destination IP address.
* We want such filter in the vlink (non-mc) socket.
ipsk->saddr = mc ? IPA_NONE : ifa->iface->addr->ip;
#else /* OSPFv3 */
ipsk->saddr = ifa->lladdr;
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