Commit fcb4dd0c authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček
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Babel: Fix bug in iface reconfiguration

A recent change in Babel causes ifaces to disappear after
reconfiguration. The patch fixes that.

Thanks to Johannes Kimmel for an insightful bugreport.
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......@@ -1899,7 +1899,7 @@ babel_reconfigure_ifaces(struct babel_proto *p, struct babel_config *cf)
struct babel_iface *ifa = babel_find_iface(p, iface);
struct babel_iface_config *ic = (void *) iface_patt_find(&cf->iface_list, iface, NULL);
if (ic && iface_is_valid(p, iface))
if (ic && !iface_is_valid(p, iface))
ic = NULL;
if (ifa && ic)
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