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    refactor: use click instead of docopt for CLI · bd9bbfea
    Jakub Ružička authored
    In order to have command code and CLI in one place while preserving
    history of apkg.lib:
    * add new click CLI directly into apkg.lib.* modules
    * remove old docopt CLI modules apkg.commands.* (for the transition)
    Follow-up patch moves apkg.lib to apkg.commands finishing the merge
    of apkg.lib (code) and apkg.commands (CLI) in a transparent manner.
    This patch preserves the original CLI with minor enhancements.
    The only incompatible CLI change is the new handling of log level:
        apkg -L verbose build
    -L/--log-level choice option needs to be supplied before apkg (sub-)command.
    Commands are now non-interactive by default with legacy -y/--yes option
    being still supported but officially replaced by --ask/--no-ask which
    allows change of default in the future without impacting CLI.
    Fixes: #54
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