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    refactor: Improve visual style using Pico.css · 165810b2
    Jakub Ružička authored
    This is a comprehensive refactor of visual style using Pico.css framework
    as well as extension of functionality to match latest development of
    * better visual style using minimalist Pico.css with semantic HTML
    * support dark/light themes, resepct browser preference
    * smoother page load
    * persistent links to projects
    * repo selection only shown for projects with multiple repos
    * icons for Debian/Ubuntu
    * separate data file for all repo data (repos.yaml)
    * data import directly from arepo (import_arepo.sh)
    * proper repo sorting (by distro and version)
    * less intrusive Automated repo setup section (now Accordion)
    * added Pin step for Knot DNS