Hang After Reboot Issue Solution (experimental)

This is an experimental firmware that should solve the Hang After Reboot issue on Turris MOX.

To try if this fixes the issue for your board you will have to flash this boot firwmare onto your MOX board.

trusted-secure-firmware.bin u-boot.bin

This firmware also contains a new version of U-Boot. If something stops working (e.g. boot from USB flash disk), please let us know.

Downloading Experimental Firmware

Download these files with the following command executed on your Turris MOX board (you will have to connect via UART or via SSH):

wget https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/mox-boot-builder/uploads/65ae00bf30fb3d5b674b8cdbdf9d0db3/trusted-secure-firmware.bin
wget https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/mox-boot-builder/uploads/86a04a668e55ec308215f262a09761bb/u-boot.bin
md5sum trusted-secure-firmware.bin u-boot.bin

The last command computes checksums, make sure it outputs this exactly:

9753dcd7e404eb14abf07d1861930cd7  trusted-secure-firmware.bin
d1488504dd4cadf2c0be8d821ae84f7b  u-boot.bin


If the checksums from the command above are correct, you may proceed with flashing.

If the following process if aborted, you will need to debrick your board with 1.8V USB TTL serial adapter

mtd write trusted-secure-firmware.bin secure-firmware
mtd write u-boot.bin u-boot


You may now reboot your board with


This reboot may still hang your board, in which case you will need to do a power unplug/plug cycle. If it boots correctly afterwards, the reboot issue should be solved.

Please let us know if this solved the issue for you.