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  • v3.11.18   Released version 3.11.18 • gnutls: security update • foris, foris-openvpn-plugin, knot-resolver: update • 3xmigrate: new userlist
  • v3.11.17   Released version 3.11.17 • git, samba4, krb5, unbound, knot-resolver, bind: security update • updater-ng, nextcloud, btrfs-progs, resolver-conf: update • python3-msgpack, atlas-sw-probe, sentinel-dynfw-client: update
  • v3.11.16   Released version 3.11.16 • tor, subversion: security update • msmtp, curl, atlas-sw-probe, reptyr, btrfs-progs, nextcloud, youtube-dl, netdata, netmetr: update
  • v3.11.15   Released version 3.11.15 • suricata, ppp: security update • nextcloud, turris-firewall-rules, unbound, lighttpd: update
  • v3.11.14   Released version 3.11.14 • opkg: security update • wireguard, youtube-dl: update
  • v3.11.13   Released version 3.11.13 • openssl, ffmpeg, unbound: security update • kernel, resolver-conf, knot-resolver, nextcloud: update
    e305bef3 · feeds: update nextcloud ·
  • v3.11.12   Released version 3.11.12 • git: security update
  • v3.11.11   Released version 3.11.11 * Merry Christmas! * knot-resolver: security update
  • v3.11.10   Released version 3.11.10 • php7: security update • kernel, unbound, python3-uci: update
    e34d64ba · feeds.conf: update pyuci ·
  • v3.11.9   Released version 3.11.9 • tcpdump, sudo, uci, libarchive: security update • knot-resolver, wireguard, kernel, youtube-dl, turris-maintain, knot: update • foris-controller-openvpn-module: fix server ip address autodetection • ripe-atlas-probe, atlas-sw-probe: new packages
  • v3.11.8   Released version 3.11.8 • foris, youtube-dl, wireguard, nextcloud, kernel: update • bird, python[3]-urllib3, netdata, ustream-ssl: update • openssl, unbound: security update
  • v3.11.7   Released version 3.11.7 • unbound, haveged, youtube-dl, wireguard, nextcloud, kernel: update • bind, lighttpd: security update • ucollect: CA certificate update
  • v3.11.6   Released version 3.11.6 iptables: security update (CVE-2019-11360) knot-resolver, netdata, youtube-dl, foris, sentinel-certgen, wireguard, python3-idna, kernel: update resolver-conf: add secondary IP for DNS server (IPv4 and IPv6) turris-netboot: minor fixes and add parameter force dev-detect: introduce a new lightweight version than pakon-dev-detect (opt-in)
  • v3.11.5   Released version 3.11.5 • bind, libxslt, libpng, dovecot, gnutls, wget, samba4, tiff, suricata: security updates • schnapps, netdata, youtube-dl, libhtp, foris, syslog-ng, nextcloud, resolver-conf: update • python-certifi, python-urllib3, python3-pyroute2: new packages • foris: experimental centralized device management • kernel: update (CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478, CVE-2019-11479)
  • v3.11.4   Released version 3.11.4 • mosquitto, libatsha204, libssh2, dovecot: security updates • unbound, netdata, youtube-dl, ca-certificates, czmq: update • python3-certifi, python3-urllib3: new packages • pakon: minor fixes • kernel: update
  • v3.11.3   Released version 3.11.3 on 26th March 2019 • Foris: unification of themes across all Turris products • foris-controller-openvpn-module: compression logic updates • turris-netboot: initial support for booting Turris MOX over network • openssh, keepalived, tar, dovecot, curl, prosody, openssh, openssl, bind, tor: security updates • tvheadend, youtube-dl, wireguard, syslog-ng, unbound, netdata and various minor packages: update • lua-cqueues: add a new package • kernel: update • logread: fix • foris-pakon: fix for Safari
    97c156d5 · foris: WS quick fix ·
  • v3.11.2   Released version 3.11.2 * knot-resolver: update improving behaviour without IPv6 * mac80211: update to the latest version from LEDE 17.01 * pakon: fix sorting and other small issues * foris: internal bus replaced by mosquito, if you are using mosquito, make sure it is still active * uboot-mkimage and dtc: new packages * kernel, samba, wget and various minor packages: update
    a0acfaac · youtube-dl: fix compile ·
  • v3.11.1   Released version 3.11.1 * netdata: update for Omnia * subversion, unbound, git, ath10k-ct, miniupnpd, youtube-dl, mwan3: updates * samba4, bzip2, openssl, tiff, apache, sqlite3: security updates * pakon: further improvements of archivation * majordomo: removed from the list of applications on updater page, still available for manual installation * mdadm, webapps, nextcloud: minor fixes * tvheadend: fix first time setup
  • v3.10.9   Released version 3.10.9 * update nor on Turris 1.x
  • v3.11   Released version 3.11 * foris: migration to python3 * foris: wizard replaced by guide * foris: small cleanups and rearranging * sentinel: first parts of new data collection engine * samba4: experimental support * unbound: update and support forwarding to predefined servers * better integration of third party web applications * various package updates including Nextcloud 14