Verified Commit 5b6771cc authored by Michal Hrusecky's avatar Michal Hrusecky 🐉 Committed by Karel Koci
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omnia-firmware: Update to the latest version

Rescue image: 3.5.1
U-Boot: 2019-07.1 - 6dd804d78fdcd775f6eeebe0aa0527d6761a115f

Based on build from following sources:

 * turris-build: c5b21dc93998ca2f45e57cb99ee7e3caeec5bc81
 * openwrt: 86aeac4fc98f42ac0ce7e0dcf1cb240e16b28f8f
 * feeds/turrispackages: d7fe57cf
parent 578f1359
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