Turris OS 6.4.3 release

🚀 New Features
  • dynfw: New experimental client
  • drivers: More packages are automatically installed based on devices present
  • drivers: Automatic setup of supported 3/4/5G with PIN-less SIM
📌 Updates
  • kernel: update to version 5.10.194 and 5.15.130
  • curl: update to version 8.3.0
  • openssl: update to version 1.1.1w
  • wget: update to version 1.21.4
  • php8-pecl-sodium replaced with php8-mod-sodium
  • msmtp: update to version 1.8.24
  • omnia-mcutool: updated to version 0.2 and packaged firmware
🐛 Bug Fixes
  • switch-branch: reinstall all packages when switching between branches
  • schnapps: fix regexp for ssh uri
  • foris-storage-plugin: explicitly add more dependencies
  • resolver-conf: fix calling of script to fill entries from DHCP
  • resolver-conf: fix superfluous reloads on some IPv6 networks