Turris OS 6.5.0 release

🚀 New Features
  • pkglist: Add option to update the firmware to the latest version
  • kernel: Support for new features in MCU firmware
  • kernel: Turris 1.x is now using 5.15 kernel
  • ipv6: Little tweaks to the default configuration (does not affect existing networks)
  • ipv6: Support pref64 (RFC 8781)
  • easycwmp: Improve integration - fix Wi-Fi information and serial number/software version getters
  • easybird: Support for simple Bird configuration in LuCI
  • knot-resolver6: Preview of Knot Resolver 6 available for testing
  • morce: Aggregated notifications and ignore list
📌 Updates
  • kernel: Updated to version 5.15.146
  • openssh: Updated to version 9.6p1
🐛 Bug Fixes
  • modem-manager-autosetup: Detect and don't break 3G setups
  • mwan3: Enable configuration by default
  • foris-controller-openvpn: Fix configuration when when router is both VPN server and client
  • turris-netboot: various fixes and more debugging options