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Add get_all for getting whole section

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......@@ -137,8 +137,7 @@ static bool lookup_ptr(uci_object *self, PyObject *args, struct uci_ptr *ptr) {
return true;
static PyObject *pyuci_get(uci_object *self, PyObject *args) {
// TODO add support for listing all (see section type)
static PyObject *pyuci_get_common(uci_object *self, PyObject *args, bool all) {
struct uci_ptr ptr;
if (!lookup_ptr(self, args, &ptr))
......@@ -154,8 +153,10 @@ static PyObject *pyuci_get(uci_object *self, PyObject *args) {
return pyuci_package(ptr.p);
// TODO for all push section from ptr.s
return Py_BuildValue("s", ptr.s->type);
if (all)
return pyuci_section(ptr.s);
return Py_BuildValue("s", ptr.s->type);
return pyuci_option(ptr.o);
......@@ -168,6 +169,14 @@ static PyObject *pyuci_get(uci_object *self, PyObject *args) {
static PyObject *pyuci_get(uci_object *self, PyObject *args) {
return pyuci_get_common(self, args, false);
static PyObject *pyuci_get_all(uci_object *self, PyObject *args) {
return pyuci_get_common(self, args, true);
static PyObject *pyuci_set(uci_object *self, PyObject *args) {
struct uci_ptr ptr;
memset(&ptr, 0, sizeof ptr);
......@@ -396,6 +405,7 @@ static PyObject *pyuci_set_savedir(uci_object *self, PyObject *args) {
static PyMethodDef uci_methods[] = {
{"get", (PyCFunction)pyuci_get, METH_VARARGS, "Get value"},
{"get_all", (PyCFunction)pyuci_get_all, METH_VARARGS, "Get all values even for sections"},
{"set", (PyCFunction)pyuci_set, METH_VARARGS, "Set value"},
{"delete", (PyCFunction)pyuci_delete, METH_VARARGS, "Delete option"},
{"add", (PyCFunction)pyuci_add, METH_VARARGS, "Add new anonymous section"},
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