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  • v1.0.0 protected
    Bump v1.0.0
    * Add & update Weblate translations
    * Add data-testid attributes to buttons
    * Update Makefile
    * Update dependencies in package.json
    * Update Node.js to v21.x in Makefile
    * Update ESLint and Prettier configurations
    * Update .gitignore to exclude minified JS files and license files
    * Update webpack.config.js with process/browser alias
    * Update CI to use shared scripts, build and publish python package
    * Replace Pylint & Pycodestyle for Ruff
    * Remove MANIFEST.in
    * NPM audit fix
  • v0.2.2 protected
    Bump v0.2.2
    * Add & update translations
    * Improve descriptions of actions in the UUID table
    * Improve headings and help texts
    * Hide DrivesOperations during operations on a drive
    * Fix pendingMigrationAlert behavior
    * NPM audit fix
  • v0.2.1 protected
    272bf913 · Bump v0.2.1 ·
    Bump v0.2.1
    * Fix pendingMigrationAlert when no drives connected
    * Refactor storageState variables
    * Update Foris JS library to v5.1.8
    * NPM audit fix
  • v0.2.0 protected
    a9b44e6b · Bump v0.2.0 ·
    Bump v0.2.0
    * Add fluid layout support (redesign)
    * Add semantic & accessibility structure for headings
    * Add storage settings endpoint
    * Fix UUID buttons disability
    * Fix selected and active drive's checkbox
    * Improve Pending Migration alert
    * NPM aduit fix
    * Use Foris JS v5.1.7
    * Integrate ESLint + Prettier + reForis styleguide