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  • v0.9.1
    v0.9.1 - Jan 20, 2012
    New features:
            * RRSet rotation
            * Fixed build on BSD.
            * Fixes in parsing and dumping of zone
              - types IPSECKEY, WKS, DLV, APL, NSAP
    Other changes:
            * Replaced pseudo-random number generator by one with MIT/BSD license.
  • v0.9
    Knot DNS - version 0.9
    New features:
            * TSIG support in both client and server.
            * Use of sendmmsg() on Linux 3.0+ (improves performance).
            * Knot was not accepting AXFR-style IXFR with first SOA in a separate
              packet (i.e. from Power DNS).
            * Wrong SOA TTL in negative answers.
            * Wrong max packet size for outgoing transfers (was causing the
              packets to be malformed).
            * Wrong handling of WKS record in zone compiler.
            * Problems with zone bootstrapping.
  • v0.8.1
    15c1ca3f · Added release notes ·
    Bugfix release.
            * Handling SPF record.
            * Wrong text dump of unknown records.
  • v0.8
    First official release of Knot DNS - BETA VERSION.
    	* AXFR-in/-out
    	* IXFR-in/-out
    	* EDNS0
    	* DNSSEC
    	* NSEC3
    	* IPv6
    	* Runtime reconfiguration
    Known issues:
    	* Missing support for TSIG
    	* Root zone support
    	* NSID support
    	* Other DNS classes than IN
    	* RRSet rotation not implmented
    	* Dynamic update support
    	* IXFR code might be flaky sometimes
    	* IXFR may be slow when too much (10 000+) RRSets are transfered at once
  • v0.3
    08d9a171 · Probably more clarified. ·
  • v0.2
    Second non-official release of the Knot server (formerly CuteDNS).
    Features added:
        * EDNS0 support
        * DNSSEC support
        * NSEC3 support
        * Domain name compression
        * Configuration file
        * Run-time updates of server configuration (including adding and removing of zones)
        * IPv6 support
        * New logging
        * New build system (using autotools)
        * Semantic checks of loaded zone
    Issues fixed:
        * Partially fixed thundering herd problem with threads (responsible for slow performance with hash table)
    Known issues:
        * Not tested with root zone (probably will not work)
        * High memory consumption
        *  Memory leaks when during adding a new zone (reload) the server is stressed by incoming queries.
        * Compilation too slow.
  • v0.1
    28a8f74d · Changed version to 0.1.0 ·
    First (non-official) release of the CuteDNS server.
        * Running as daemon
        * Answering to all types of queries with OPCODE = QUERY
        * Answering to both UDP and TCP queries
        * Zones pre-processing
        * Separate control utility
        * Separate zone parser utility
        * Own DNS library (dnslib)
        * Two main data structures for the zone - AVL tree and hash table (currently using the tree)