Knot DNS 3.1.7

Knot DNS 3.1.7 (2022-03-30)


  • knotd: new configuration items for restricting minimum and maximum zone expire and retry intervals (see 'zone.expire-min-interval', 'zone.expire-max-interval', 'zone.retry-min-interval', 'zone.retry-max-interval') #785
  • knotc: added catalog information to zone status


  • knotd: better warning message if SOA serial comparison failed when loading from zone file
  • knotc: zone status shows all zone events when frozen
  • keymgr: better error message is returned when importing SKR with insufficient permissions
  • kdig: transfer status is also printed if failed


  • knotd: incomplete implementation of the Offline KSK mode in the IXFR and DDNS processing
  • knotd: catalog zone accepts duplicate members via UPDATE #786
  • knotd: server crashes if catalog database contains orphaned member zones
  • knotd: old journal is scraped when restoring just the zone file
  • knotd: some planned zone events can be lost during server reload
  • knotd: frozen zone gets thawed during server reload
  • knsupdate: missing section names in the show output
  • knsupdate: inappropriate log message if called from a script