Knot DNS 3.1.8

Knot DNS 3.1.8 (2022-04-28)


  • knotd: optional automatic ACL for XFR and NOTIFY (see 'remote.automatic-acl')
  • knotd: new soft zone semantic check mode for allowing defective zone loading
  • knotc: added zone transfer freeze state to the zone status output


  • knotd: added configuration check for serial policy of generated catalogs


  • knotd/libknot: the server can crash when validating a malformed TSIG record
  • knotd: outgoing zone transfer freeze not preserved during server reload
  • knotd: catalog UPDATE not processed if previous UPDATE processing not finished #790
  • knotd: zone refresh not started if planned during server reload
  • knotd: generated catalogs can be queried over UDP
  • knotd/utils: failed to open LMDB database if too many stale slots occupy the lock table