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  • embedded_lmdb   Embedded LMDB
  • v0.1 protected   First (non-official) release of the CuteDNS server. Features: * Running as daemon * Answering to all types of queries with OPCODE = QUERY * Answering to both UDP and TCP queries * Zones pre-processing * Separate control utility * Separate zone parser utility * Own DNS library (dnslib) * Two main data structures for the zone - AVL tree and hash table (currently using the tree)
    28a8f74d · Changed version to 0.1.0 ·
  • v0.2 protected   Second non-official release of the Knot server (formerly CuteDNS). Features added: * EDNS0 support * DNSSEC support * NSEC3 support * Domain name compression * Configuration file * Run-time updates of server configuration (including adding and removing of zones) * IPv6 support * New logging * New build system (using autotools) * Semantic checks of loaded zone Issues fixed: * Partially fixed thundering herd problem with threads (responsible for slow performance with hash table) Known issues: * Not tested with root zone (probably will not work) * High memory consumption * Memory leaks when during adding a new zone (reload) the server is stressed by incoming queries. * Compilation too slow.
  • v0.3 protected
    08d9a171 · Probably more clarified. ·
  • v0.8 protected   First official release of Knot DNS - BETA VERSION. Features: * AXFR-in/-out * IXFR-in/-out * EDNS0 * DNSSEC * NSEC3 * IPv6 * Runtime reconfiguration Known issues: * Missing support for TSIG * Root zone support * NSID support * Other DNS classes than IN * RRSet rotation not implmented * Dynamic update support * IXFR code might be flaky sometimes * IXFR may be slow when too much (10 000+) RRSets are transfered at once
  • v0.8.1 protected   Bugfix release. Bugfixes: * Handling SPF record. * Wrong text dump of unknown records.
    15c1ca3f · Added release notes ·
  • v0.9 protected   Knot DNS - version 0.9 New features: * TSIG support in both client and server. * Use of sendmmsg() on Linux 3.0+ (improves performance). Bugfixes: * Knot was not accepting AXFR-style IXFR with first SOA in a separate packet (i.e. from Power DNS). * Wrong SOA TTL in negative answers. * Wrong max packet size for outgoing transfers (was causing the packets to be malformed). * Wrong handling of WKS record in zone compiler. * Problems with zone bootstrapping.
  • v0.9.1 protected   v0.9.1 - Jan 20, 2012 --------------------- New features: * RRSet rotation Bugfixes: * Fixed build on BSD. * Fixes in parsing and dumping of zone - types IPSECKEY, WKS, DLV, APL, NSAP Other changes: * Replaced pseudo-random number generator by one with MIT/BSD license.
  • v1.0-rc1 protected   Knot DNS - v1.0 RC 1 -------------------- New features: * NSID support (RFC5001). * Root zone support. * Automatic zone compiling on server start. * Setting user to run Knot under in config file. * Dropping privileges after binding to port 53. + Support for Linux capabilities(7). * Setting source address of outgoing transfers in config file. * Custom PID file. * CNAME loop detection. * Timeout on TCP connections. * Basic defense against DoS attacks. Bugfixes: * Fixed IXFR processing. * Patched URCU so that it compiles on architectures without TLS in compiler (NetBSD, OpenBSD). * Fixed response to DS query at parent zone. * A lot of other bugfixes.
  • v1.0.0 protected   Knot DNS v1.0.0 - stable release -------------------------------- New features: * Support for subnets in ACL. * Debug messages enabling in configure. * Optimized memory consuption of zone structures. Bugfixes: * Memory errors and leaks. * Fixed improper handling of failed IXFR/IN. * Several other minor bugfixes.
  • v1.0.1 protected   Knot DNS v1.0.1 --------------- New features: * Implemented jitter to REFRESH/RETRY timers * Implemented magic bytes for journal * Improved error messages Bugfixes: * Problem with creating IXFR journal for bootstrapped zone * Race condition in processing NOTIFY/SOA queries * Leak when reloading zone with NSEC3 * Processing of APL RR * TSIG improper assignment of algorithm type
  • v1.0.2 protected   Knot DNS v1.0.2 --------------- New features: * Configuration checker (invoked via knotc). * Specifying source interface for transfers and NOTIFY requests directly. Bugfixes: * Fixed leak when querying non-existing name and zone SOA TTL > minimal. * Fixed some minor bugs in tansfers. Other improvements: * Improved log messages (added date and time, better specification of XFR remote). * Improved saving incoming IXFR to journal (memory optimized). * Now using system scheduler (better for Linux). * Decreased thread stack size.
  • v1.0.3 protected   Knot DNS v1.0.3 --------------- Bugfixes: * Corrected handling of EDNS0 when TCP is used (was applying the UDP size limit). * Fixed slow compilation of zones. * Fixed potential crash with many concurrent transfers. * Fixed missing include for FreeBSD.
    d35196fe · Version info updated. ·
  • v1.0.4 protected   Knot DNS v1.0.4 --------------- New features: * Parallel loading of zones to the server. * RFC3339-complaint format of log time. * Support for TLSA (RR type 52). * knotc checkzone (as a dry-run of zone compile). * knotc refresh for forcing Knot to update all zones from master servers. * Reopening log files upon start (used to truncate them). Bugfixes: * Copying OPCODE and RD bit from query to NOTIMPL responses. * Corrected response to CNAME queries if the canonical name was also an alias (was adding the whole CNAME chain to the response). * Fixed crash when NS or MX points to an alias. * Fixed problem with early closing of filedescriptors (lead to crash when compiling and loading or bootstrapping and restarting the server with a lot of zones). Other improvements: * Significantly sped up IXFR-in and reduced its memory requirements.
    d1bfab29 · Updated to version 1.0.4 ·
  • v1.0.5 protected   Knot DNS v1.0.5 --------------- Bugfixes: * Fixed bug with creating journal files.
    003c235d · Updated to version 1.0.5 ·
  • v1.0.6 protected   Knot DNS v1.0.6 --------------- Bugfixes * Fixed potential problems with RCU synchronization. * Adding NSEC/NSEC3 for all wildcard CNAMEs in the response.
    db004d42 · Updated version to 1.0.6 ·
  • v1.1.0-rc1 protected   Knot DNS v1.1.0-rc1 ------------------- New features: * Optionally disable ANY queries for authoritative answers. * Dropping identical records in zone and incoming transfers. * Support for '/' in zone names. * Generating journal from reloaded zone (EXPERIMENTAL). * Outgoing-only interfaces in configuration file. * Following DNAME if the synthetized name is in the same zone. Bugfixes: * Crash when zone contained RRSIG signing a CNAME, but did not contain the CNAME. * Malformed packets parsing. * Failed IXFR caused memory leaks. * Failed IXFR might have resulted in inconsistent zone structures. * Fixed answering to +dnssec queries when NSEC3 chain is corrupted. * Fixed answering when transitioning from NSEC3 to NSEC. * Fixed answering when zone contains multiple NSEC3 chains. * Handling RRSets with different TTLs - TTL from the first RR is used. * Synchronization of zone reload and zone transfers. * Fixed build on NetBSD 5 and FreeBSD. * Fixed binding to both IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time on special interfaces. * Fixed access rights of created files. * Semantic checks corrupted RDATA domain names which are covered by wildcard in the same zone. Other improvements: * IXFR-in optimized. * Many zones loading optimized. * More detailed log messages (mostly transfer-related). * Copying Question section to error responses. * Using zone name from config file as default origin in zone file. * Additional records are now added to response also from wildcard-covered names.
  • v1.1.0-rc2 protected   Knot DNS v1.1.0-rc2 ------------------- New features: * Signing SOA queries when checking zone version with master. Bugfixes: * Fixed ixfr-from-differences journal generation in case of IPSECKEY and APL records. * Fixed possible leak on server shutdown with a pending transfer. Other improvements: * Improved user manual.
  • v1.1.0 protected   Knot DNS v1.1.0 --------------- Bugfixes: * Syncing journal to zone was not updating the compiled zone database. Other improvements: * Better checks of corrupted zone database.
    58cff207 · Switched version to 1.1.0 ·
  • v1.1.1-rc1 protected   Knot DNS v1.1.1-rc1 ------------------- Bugfixes: * Crash after IXFR in certain cases when adding RRSIG in an IXFR. * Fixed behaviour when incoming IXFR removes a zone cut. Previously occluded names now become properly visible. Previously lead to a crash when the server was asked for the previously occluded name. * Fixed handling of zero-length strings in text zone dump. Caused the compilation to fail. * Fixed TSIG algorithm name comparison - the names should be in canonical form. * Fixed handling unknown RR types with type less than 251. Features: * Improved compression of packets. Out-of-zone dnames present in RDATA were not compressed. * Slave zones are now automatically refreshed after startup. * Proper response to IXFR/UDP query (returns SOA in Authority section).