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    Omnia: Add SFP 1000BASE-X noneg mode · 3d2ac3d3
    Tomas Hlavacek authored
    Do major DTS cleanup.
    Make PHY modes of eth1 (dual-PHY NIC) consistent. The PHY names are:
    * phy-def - matalic build-in ethernet, SGMII mode
    * phy-sfp - SFP cage, 1000BASE-X
    * phy-sfp-noneg - SFP cage, 1000BASE-X forced to link up, 1000/full
    * phy-sfp-sgmii - SFP cage, SGMII mode
    Add 1000BASE-X noneg mode:
    Omnia can house certain SFP modules that need the L2 to force 1000BASE-X
    mode without autonegotiation. Add this mode that can by selected by PHY
    select in /sys filesystem.