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  • v70.2.0 protected
    9ad7873f · Add Fetch command ·
    Updater version 70.2.0
    * Provide `Fetch` command to get content of the file while checking the signature
  • v70.1.0 protected
    bf36f4d7 · Updater version 70.1.0 ·
    Updater version 70.1.0
    * Provide function `get_turris_serial` returning serial number to be
      used inside Lua
  • v70.0.2 protected
    a9427c5d · Updater version 70.0.2 ·
    Updater version 70.0.1
    * Use escape sequences only on terminal
    * Do not fail when `--state-log` or `--task-log` is provided. Output a warning and
      ignore them instead for a sake of backward compatibility.
  • v70.0.1 protected
    922d88c2 · Updater version 70.0.1 ·
    Updater version 70.0.1
    * Invalid keyword in documentation stating that transaction ends with `STOP` but
      it is signaled by keyword `END` instead
    * Using correct hashing function to detect changes to non-configuration filessssssss
  • v70.0.0 protected
    f1e2d963 · Updater version 70.0.0 ·
    Updater version 70.0.0
    * Change log that leaves minimal trace of changes updater performed
      stored in system.
    * Support for `FilesSignature` field in packages. On mismatch it trigger
    * Support for `files-sha256sum` in packages as hash index
    * Subprocess call is now terminated way earlier thanks to `SIGCHLD`
      signal handling. This improves update time for any scripts spawning
      "daemon" processes that do not correctly redirect or close standard
    * Reinstall of packages if some fields were formated differently in
      index than in package (updater no longer detects change by simple
      string comparison)
    * Internal implementation of base64 replaced with base64c library.
    * Utility opkg-create template and input format
    * `--state-log` argument
    * `--task-log` argument
  • v69.1.3 protected
    e84fce9b · Version 69.1.3 ·
    Version 69.1.3
    * Error generated from Lua when URI is being finished now includes error
      message from downloader if it was download failure.
  • v69.1.2 protected
    e6b3e14a · Version 69.1.2 ·
    Version 69.1.2
    - Immediate reboot not being performed when combined with replan that actually
      performs some changes in the system
  • v69.1.1 protected
    f92ac353 · Version 69.1.1 ·
    Version 69.1.1
    * error on transaction recovery created by updater before version 69.0.1
      about `upgraded_packages` being nil
  • v69.1.0 protected
    a293ce66 · Version 69.1.0 ·
    Version 69.1.0
    * Package requests solver no longer tries to maximize number of selected
      requests but rahter follows strictly rules of requests priority
    * `Install` requests with same priority as `Unistall` are resolved first
    * `Install` and `Unistall` requests without condition as resolved before
      requests with condition given they have same priority specified.
    * Error reported when request to install and unistall same package was
  • v69.0.1 protected
    4c478bf6 · Version 69.0.1 ·
    Version 69.0.1
    * environment variable `PKG_UPGRADE` were always set to `1` for package
      `postinst` script no matter if it was package upgrade or not.
    * usage of `example.org` replaced with `application-test.turris.cz` in
  • v69.0.0 protected
    73bc26bf · Version 69.0.0 ·
    Version 69.0.0
    * extra argument `pkg_hash_required` for `Repository` command
    * support for version limitation of `Install` and `Uninstall` requests
      in package name (such as `foo (>= 1.0.0)`).
    * Execution is now terminated when there is no hash for package being
      installed in repository index unless `pkg_hash_required` is set to
      `false` for that repository.
    * Extra option `version` for `Install` request. You should append
      version specifier to package name the same way as it is done for
    * `ROOT_DIR` not being defined for `hook_postinst` and
      `hook_reboot_required` on replan execution.
  • v61.1.5.4 protected
    Fix for possible None return from auto_approve_time
  • v68.0.0 protected
    cf313897 · Version 68.0.0 ·
    Version 68.0.0
    * Queue messages for 'upgrade' and 'downgrade' now also print current
      version in square brackets.
    * Default connection timeout for download was extended from one minute
      to ten minutes.
    * Possibility to reboot immediatelly after package installation. Reboot
      after update is deemed sufficient.
    * Queue messages now state 'upgrade', 'downgrade' and 'reinstall'
      instead of original generic 'install'.
  • v67.0.3 protected
    eef34f86 · Version 67.0.3 ·
    Version 67.0.3
    * pkgupdate's conf.lua now loads scripts with Full security level
      instead of Local
    * libupdater is now versioned with release version (there is no API
      compatibility between versions)
  • v67.0.2 protected
    97bda434 · Version 67.0.2 ·
    Version 67.0.2
    * Warning about cycles for packages providing and at the same time
      conflicting with some other package
    * Configure script now checks if uthash is available
  • v67.0.1.1 protected
    9aa7af2d · Version ·
    This is release to only fix build because of missing submodule.
    * Lunit submodule now points to new Github repository
  • v67.0.1 protected
    33b8bdd9 · Version 67.0.1 ·
    Version 67.0.1
    * Package "reinstall" is now performed not only if `Version` field is different
      but also when `Architecture`, `LinkSignature`, `Depends`, `Conflicts` or
      `Provides` are different.
    * Information about package changes planned to be performed are now printed with
      wording signaling if that is new package or already installed one and if that is
      update or downgrade or generic reinstall.
  • v67.0 protected
    236e08ce · Version 67.0 ·
    Version 67.0
    - Warning for packages not verified against repository index because missing hash
    - Custom build system was replaced with autotools
    - OpenSSL is now used to verify signatures instead of usign
    - URI implementation no longer uses temporally files and passed instead everything
      in memory
    - Download retries are removed, code now relies only on libcurl reconnection
    - libb64 usage replaced with OpenSSL
    - Memory leak on archive open error
    - Various compilation warning
    - Invalid error complaining about path being called on on URI of invalid scheme
  • v66.0 protected
    Rework packages extraction to not use /tmp
    * libarchive is now used to unpack packages instead of tar command
    * fix invalid sha256sum field name and that way hash verification
    * rm -rf call is replaced with built in function
    * call to find replaced with internal function implementation
    * update_alternatives.sh script was removed
    * empty journal recovery is now not considered as fatal
  • v61.1.5.3 protected
    Fix check for sha256sum on latest version of OpenWrt