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    • Karel Koci's avatar
      lists/migrate3x: solve collision between cronie and vixie-cron · 2a59ed8e
      Karel Koci authored
      The tos3to4-early uses switch-branch that depends on updater-superviser
      that in turn depends on cronie. We do not need updater-supervisor to
      migrate updater's configuration and thus we can break this dependency
      simply by temporally masking updater-supervisor behind virtual setting.
      The updater-supervisor is considered as virtual until tos3to4-early is
      not installed (here we use actually package we chain after tos3to4-early
      to properly detect that). The last run that updates rest of the system
      then updates updater-supervisor as usual.
      The last change is just minor tweak. We add priority to tos3to4-early.
      It is critically requested and thus priority plays no role in satisfying
      requests but it is used to order requests and thus should force
      tos3to4-early to be planned as soon as possible.
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      lists/migrate3x: fix typo in function name · 57f2eed4
      Karel Koci authored
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    • Karel Koci's avatar
      lists/base-fix: retrigger fix-dhparam-to-cagen · d067c94b
      Karel Koci authored
      The fix was checking if file we plan to use is present just to not touch
      it in case user placed it there. The issue is that in such case we won't
      migrate the OpenVPN configuration. Our preference should be to migrate
      the OpenVPN server configuration so we just removed this check and
      release it as fixup.
  14. 26 May, 2021 3 commits
    • Karel Koci's avatar
      lists/migrate3x: chain fix packages to tos3to4-early install · a2a2099b
      Karel Koci authored
      The tos3to4-early is implemented to migrate configuration as it as in
      Turris OS 4.x. It makes no sense to duplicate script and logic that is
      included in fix script, instead we can just simply use them. This chains
      package list fix packages in a way they are executed after tos3to4-early
      and thus they migrate result of tos3to4-early migration.
    • Karel Koci's avatar
      lists/migrate3x: fix no access from LAN and ignored tos3to4-early · 32d1129e
      Karel Koci authored
      This fixes two issues.
      The first issue is that updater is maked for replan in Turris OS 3.x
      lists and it is replanned first becuase tos3to4-early depends on it. The
      solution here is to replan one more time after tos3to4-early
      installation that should be right after updater-ng is installed.
      The second issue is that we migrate configuration from switch-config to
      DSA but kernel we are running in that moment does not support DSA and
      thus we end up with unconfigured LAN. This makes it hard to access
      router after migration and makes router pretty much broken. The reboot
      solves this as a new kernel is deployed. We do it this way without need
      for user to reboot device manually.
    • Jan Pavlinec's avatar
      NEWS: add notes for 5.2.1 release · 3d742821
      Jan Pavlinec authored
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    • Karel Koci's avatar
      lists/contracts/shield: fix missing dev-detect · 528b492e
      Karel Koci authored
      There was invalid option name specified. It is not 'dev-detect' but
      'dev_detect' as options are accessed directly and thus they use syntax
      consistent with variable names where dash is not allowed.
      This also indents code the same way as in rest of the lists.
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