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  • v3.10.7 protected
    Released version 3.10.7
     * kernel, ath10k-firmware, wireguard: update
     * ath10k-ct: fix missing symbols
     * lighttpd: fix manually edited configuration file
  • v3.10.6 protected
    Released version 3.10.6
     * kernel, tiff: security update
     * openssh, nextcloud, lighttpd, libpcap, openssl, ath10k-ct, minidlna, wireguard: updates
     * pakon: more robust recovery from broken database
     * storage: fix support for partitionless drives
     * procd: minor compatibility fixes
     * lxc: more prominent warning about container usage
  • v3.10.5 protected
    Released version 3.10.5
    * kernel, odhcpv6, twisted, openssh: update
    * ca-certificates: package for ca bundle
    * base: enable TCP fast open
    * haas-proxy: more robust CPU usage limits
    * odhcpv6: disable unicast support (caused problems in some networks), can be enabled in /etc/config/network
  • v3.10.3 protected
    Released version 3.10.3
    * nextcloud: update
    * pakon, storage: minor fixes
    * kernel, unbound: update and minor fixes
  • v3.10.2 protected
    Released version 3.10.2
    * haas: fix firewall integration
    * ucollect: more robust start
    * updater: fix collisions when updating from old versions
    * dvbsky: fix driver compilation
    * nut: fix update
    * kernel, nextcloud: update
  • v3.10.1 protected
    Released version 3.10.1
    * foris: support 6in4 and 6 to4
    * foris: ability to set protocol in VPN
    * kernel: update and UAS driver
    * foris-pakon: bug and compatibility fixes
    * odhcp6c: fix after update
    * netmetr: fix synchronization code
  • v3.9.6 protected
    Released version 3.9.6
    * haas: update and fix logging and firewall
    * irssi, rsync, dovecot, squid, mxml, libvorbis, libtasn1, unzip, php: security updates
    * xfsprogs: add xfs_admin tool
    * luci-lxc: fix container creation
    * kernel: update, modules for dvb-mn88473 and dvb-usb-cxusb added
    * dnsmasq: fix sequential ip assignment
    * suricata: fix workaround for some IPv6 issues
  • v3.9.5 protected
    Released version 3.9.5
    * haas: fix session pairing and disable logging in default settings
    * updater: fix dependencies
    * suricata: workaround for some IPv6 issues
  • v3.9.4 protected
    Released version 3.9.4
    * haas: update to the latest version
    * haas: more robust registration
    * kernel: update to the latest version, Sierra Wireless EM7565 drivers
    * nextcloud: update to the latest version
    * foris: cleanup some dependencies
    * poco, mariadb, curl, unbound, bind: security updates
  • v3.9.3 protected
    Released version 3.9.3
    * knot-resolver: security update
  • v3.9.2 protected
    b47c0856 · socat: Bump release ·
    Released version 3.9.2
     * haas: update to the latest version
     * musl & busybox: use stronger password hash by default
     * kernel: update to the latest version
     * netmetr: fix configuration reset
     * updater: various small fixes
     * openssl, libtiff, socat, rsync, coreutils, php, irssi: security updates
     * tvheadend: update to the latest version
     * knot-resolver & unbound: fixes in local domains
     * suricata: fix startup issue on some routers, performance tweaks
  • v3.9.1 protected
    b07e53b7 · foris: version bump ·
    Release version 3.9.1
     * coreutils: update to the latest version
     * uci: less sync calls - in theory a little faster commits
     * hostapd: updated patches from LEDE
     * kernel: update to the latest version, fix for problems with LXC containers
     * pakon: more robust installation
     * haas-proxy: more robust firewall integration
     * updater: more robust updates and fixes to local repos handling
     * knot-resolver: update to the latest version
     * foris: updated translations and more diagnostics, fixed various minor bugs
  • v3.9 protected
    Release version 3.9
     * netmetr: active bandwidth testing tool
     * ssh-honeypot: migration to haas service
     * updater: moving and splitting configuration files
     * foris: big backend cleanup
     * pakon: parental control / network monitoring, CLI only preview
     * various package updates
  • v3.8.6 protected
    4479978c · qemu: Fix registration ·
    Release version 3.8.6
    * fix issue with 386 binaries
  • v3.8.5 protected
    aa8ff785 · resolver-conf: bump ·
    Release version 3.8.5
    * updater: fix update approvals
    * resolver: various fixes mainly regarding local domain names
    * knot-resolver: update to the newer version
    * unbound: update to the latest version
    * syslog-ng: fixed init script
    * curl, ntpd, irssi a tor: security updates
  • v3.8.3 protected
    Release version 3.8.3
    * dnsmasq: various security fixes
    * kernel: various small fixes
    * openssh: security update
    * asm1062: workaround for error with SATA controller
  • v3.8.2.1 protected
    306b42ed · oneshot: Fix typo ·
    Release version
     * kernel: more resilient flashing process
     * mtd and mtd-utils: reinstall
     * turris-btrfs: various fixes
  • v3.8.2 protected
    Release version 3.8.2
     * knot-resolver: automaticly temporally turn off IPv6 if it doesn't work
     * mac80211: few fixes from LEDE
     * kernel: security fixes
     * openvpn: security fixes
     * nethist: fixed crash when too many interfaces are present on the router
     * dnsmasq and swconfig: fix broken dhcp and switch after Turris Omnia update from factory
     * nextcloud-install: better database handling
  • v3.8.1 protected
    Released version 3.8.1
     * knot-resolver: automaticly turn off forwarding if it doesn't work
     * nextcloud: update to the latest version
     * transmission-web: refix package build
  • v3.8 protected
    51f5d4a2 · schnapps: Fix build ·
    Release version 3.8
     * foris: option to set bandwidth limits for guest network
     * foris: option to propagate client names into local DNS
     * foris and updater: delayed updates
     * foris: russian, danish and lithuanian translations added
     * userlists: trimed down dependencies
     * suricata: new version, more modular configuration, helper packages
     * php7: newly supported
     * mariadb: new package
     * nextcloud: basic support without much integration
     * nfsv4: basic support
     * faster boot
     * hardware feed: few hardware related packages