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  • v2.0.0 protected
    Bump v2.0.0
    * Add & updated Weblate translations
    * Update Webpack to v5 & plugins to latest versions
    * Update dependencies
    * Update Node.js version to v21 in Makefile
    * Update eslint-config-reforis to v2.1.1
    * Update CI to use shared scripts, build and publish python package
    * Fix heading font sizes
    * Fix crashed API request on the Hostname page
    * Fix reForis to be compatible with Flask 2.3
    * Split Webpack JS bundle into main and vendor
    * Change build system to hatch
    * Pin Flask 2.x
    * Remove acorn-dynamic-import dependency
    * Move reForis Dockerfile to foris-ci
    * Unpin werkzeug
  • v1.5.0 protected
    Bump v1.5.0
    * Added & updated Weblate translations
    * Added custom reforis image for CI/CD
    * Added node-sass & sass-loader
    * Added & wrapped content with CustomizationContext
    * Refactored Main page & use CustomizationContext
    * Used CustomizationContext on About page
    * Updated Foris JS library to v5.6.0
    * Updated eslint, prettier, eslint-config-reforis
    * Used custom reforis-image in GitLab CI
    * Unpinned Flask-Babel and applied some changes so it can run in TOS 7.X
    * Logging fixes
    * NPM audit fix
    * Some other changes & improvements
    * Dropped pylint-quotes
  • v1.4.1 protected
    Bump v1.4.1
    * Add & update Weblate translations
    * Add mac address to SelectedInterface
    * Display interfaces with VLAN ID on Interfaces page
  • v1.4.0 protected
    Bump v1.4.0
    * Add & updated Weblate translations
    * Add VLAN form to the WAN page
    * Add switch to disable Management Frame Protection (802.11w)
    * Update Foris JS library to v5.5.0
    * Update node image to v16.x
    * Restructure Guide Finish page
    * Refactor StaticLeases table
    * Refactor ConnectionTest
    * Remove redundant endpoint for HaaS
    * Remove optional watch-poll parameter in package.json
    * NPM audit fix
    * Some other changes & improvements
  • v1.3.1 protected
    Bump v1.3.1
    * Add & update translations
    * Fix client-relative session expiration
    * NPM audit fix
  • v1.3.0 protected
    Bump v1.3.0
    * Add & update translations
    * Add ability to set static leases
    * Fix language and parsing for points.js
    * Update Foris JS library to v5.4.1
    * Update pip in virtualenv to latest version
    * Move ubus socket path
    * Make WS path in lighttpd mode configurable
    * Change author email in setup.py
    * NPM audit fix
    * Other small improvements
  • v1.2.1 protected
    Bump v1.2.1
    * Added & update translations
    * Added ESLint import plugin to sort imports correctly
    * Added Python interactive debugging guide
    * Added webpack-bundle-analyzer
    * Added new-password autocomplete attribute to password inputs
    * Added CHANGELOG filled with existed tags & info
    * Fixed translation messages strings
    * Fixed uninitialized guideData
    * Fixed typos and inconsistencies on the Packages page
    * Fixed grammar and spelling mistakes in many places
    * Fixed messages.pot template's header comment
    * Fixed reForis react-styleguidist docs build
    * Fixed sorting of countries by name
    * Improved handling of loading translations
    * Removed hardcoded setuptools version
    * Removed obsolete auth section from reForis docs
    * Replaced domain validation with hostname
    * Refined Makefile
    * Updated required NodeJS versiont to 14.x
    * Updated Python image to v3.10.2
    * Updated Node.js image to v14
    * Updated Foris JS library to v5.3.0
    * NPM update several dependencies
    * NPM audit fix
  • v1.2.0 protected
    Bump v1.2.0
    * Remove login page
    * Align submenu navigation items to the left on desktop
    * Update Foris JS library to v5.2.0
  • v1.1.4 protected
    Bump v1.1.4
    * Add & update translations
    * Add test which checks whether js sources can be built
    * Fix MQTT custom port
    * Fix simplebar-react dependency
    * Fix time expiration for static leases in DHCP tables
  • v1.1.3 protected
    b0f53987 · Bump v1.1.3 ·
    Bump v1.1.3
    * NPM audit fix
  • v1.1.2 protected
    Bump v1.1.2
    * Add external link to UserOptions
    * Improve intro description of Packages
    * Provide info whether user is logged in to JS
    * Add & update translations
    * Add light/dark favicon switch
    * backend.py: new linter version requires encoding
    * Fix python linting f-string errors
    * Rename Data Collection card to Threat Detection
    * Don't set socket when starting WSGIServer
    * Respond with 401 and rename the file
    * NPM audit fix
  • v1.1.1 protected
    04647827 · Bump v1.1.1 ·
    Bump v1.1.1
    * Fix LAN page saving
  • v1.1.0 protected
    Bump v1.1.0
    * Add & update translations
    * Add MAC address to WAN page
    * Add IPv6 DHCP clients table
    * Fix test connection results for screen readers
    * Update Foris JS to version 5.1.13
    * NPM audit fix
    * Other small improvements
  • v1.0.8 protected
    Bump v1.0.8
    * Add Alert if no Wi-Fi cards are connected
    * Add CustomizationContext to the Main component
    * Add CustomizationContext to the Guide component
    * Refactor customization check on Password page
    * Refactor customization check on LAN page
    * Get rid of error message on redirect to login page
    * Fix displaying of Turris Shield name in About
    * Fix Guide on Turris 1.x
    * Update Foris JS library to v5.1.12
    * NPM Audit fix
    * Other small improvements
  • v1.0.7 protected
    Bump v1.0.7
    * Add & update translations
    * Improve Password Form
    * Fix root password on Shield
    * Fix cards on the Overview page
    * Disable LAN mode in LAN Settings on Shield
    * NPM audit fix
    * Other small UI improvements
  • v1.0.6 protected
    75908875 · Bump v1.0.6 ·
    Bump v1.0.6
    * Add TLS explanation
    * Add & update translations
    * Add DNS tests to the card on Overview
    * Fix Guide on Turris Shield
    * Fix unknown initial state for automatic updates
    * Fix unknown initial state for WAN IPv4 settings
    * Fix fuzzy translation messages in the English catalog
    * Update session.samesite cookie
    * NPM audit fix
    * Other small improvements
  • v1.0.5 protected
    c6e49673 · Bump v1.0.5 ·
    Bump v1.0.5
    * Improve Updater behavior
    * Add & update translations
    * Add hostname settings
    * Add password confirmation
    * Add env variables to Makefile
    * Fix redirect to the original router's IP address
    * Fix WAN 6in4 tunnel MTU range to 1480
    * Fix public IPv4 input as not required in WAN6Form
    * Drop versions of paho-mqtt & extras dependencies
    * Other small improvements
  • v1.0.4 protected
    1705f647 · Bump v1.0.4 ·
    Bump v1.0.4
    * Add syslog settings
    * Fix IPv6 prefix as not required
    * Fix headings structure on multiple pages
    * Fix formFieldsSize structure of multiple cards
    * Fix several typos and messages in texts
    * Update Foris JS to version 5.1.11
    * Update & add new translations
    * Remove spinner on Main page
    * Remove duplicated Norwegian language
    * Remove SimpleBar's autoHide parameter
  • v1.0.3 protected
    ed35c056 · Bump v1.0.3 ·
    Bump v1.0.3
    * Add device customizations
    * Add missing copyrights
    * Fix Overview cards PropTypes
    * Fix DHCP range configuration
    * Change page title to reForis
  • v1.0.2 protected
    fe80e248 · Bump v1.0.2 ·
    Bump v1.0.2
    * Add factory reset
    * Rename "Reboot" tab to "Maintenance"
    * Fix auto replacing FontAwesome SVGs
    * Fix Overview cards
    * Fix custom SMTP form
    * Improve texts and styles
    * Update & add translations
    * Update Foris JS library to v5.1.7
    * Update README.md & add CONTRIBUTING.md